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Who we are?

We are a team of electrical Contractors Greenwich and we provide electrical services in Greenwich and elsewhere in the UK. Our electricians are qualified and licensed to provide all electrical services to households and businesses in the UK. The services we provide include PAT testing, EICR, Complete wiring/re-wiring, fuse box installation/replacement, installation of lighting, etc. Get in touch with us for the most efficient Emergency Electrician Greenwich.

Emergency Situations

Research reports conducted on hazards around the world have time and time again pointed out that the highest cause of fire in houses and offices is electrical issues. These issues, when ignored, can lead to the loss of valuable assets as well as lives. The leading cause of electrical fires is considered to be short-circuiting. Other issues which can prove to be dangerous include improper electrical installations, faulty fuse boxes, overloading, etc. Call us for any electrical issues and our Emergency Electrician in Greenwich will be there in an instant. All our electricians are accredited and licensed to provide these services.


When current flows in the wrong direction and faces little to zero electrical resistance, short-circuiting occurs. This can result in serious damage, fire, and even the burning of appliances. Our 24 hr electricians Greenwich can resolve any short-circuiting issue before it becomes a menace.

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Worn out Installations: Our electricians can provide instant replacement of worn-out electrical installations. Old and faulty plugs, fuse boxes, sockets, circuit breakers, etc. can all prove to be problematic. We have a team of the best emergency electrician Greenwich who will resolve all your electrical problems on the spot.

Damaged Alarms: Faulty fire alarm systems can stop working when they are needed the most. If smoke or thermal detectors are not working properly, you should not ignore them even once. You should call emergency electricians which are certified to deal with fire emergency systems. Our 24 Hour Electricians Greenwich is certified to install and repair alarm systems.


If you are facing the issue of short-circuiting frequently then probably it is time for you to consider re-wiring your home. Re-wiring will not only put a stop to short-circuiting but also improve the overall electrical efficiency of your home. Your appliances will also perform better and become safer. Get in touch with our team of local electricians in Greenwich and they will provide you with the best rewiring service for your home.

Emergency Electrician Greenwich

Fuse Box repair/replacement

Our Electricians Greenwich can easily repair, alter, or replace your fuse box. The fuse box in any home holds central importance in electrical installations. If it is not working properly, your electrical appliances can get damaged. Overloading is one of the reasons why your fuse box may not work properly. Call us and we will resolve all your fuse box issues.

Why Us?

Around the Clock Service

Our Emergency Electrician Greenwich services cover a host of electrical issues. We provide all electrical services, from minor jobs to major projects such as full building re-wiring, preparation of EICR, PAT testing, etc. Our emergency staff is available around the clock for any electrical service you may require on an urgent basis. We serve twenty-four hours a day and three sixty-five days a year. Regardless of what your electrical emergency is, our highly trained electricians will resolve it right away. Our cheap electricians Greenwich service is highly affordable and you will not find better prices than ours.

Accredited & Licensed Electricians

Our electricians are NECIEC certified and carry the necessary licenses to provide all electrical services. They are also certified for providing fire alarm system installation and repair. All our electricians are fully aware of government regulations about electrical installations. For instance, our electricians have prepared the EICR for countless businesses and households. We have installed fire alarm systems in numerous businesses in the UK. When you hire us, you can be sure that you have hired the right Emergency Electrician Greenwich.

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Call us on our registered number and talk to our Electricians Greenwich in detail regarding any emergency or typical electrical service you require. Our emergency lines are open twenty-four seven. You can also request a free quote for any electrical service you require.

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!