Kitchen Renovation Services

The kitchen is considered to be the most important room of the house because the whole house runs on this room. It has appliances and tools that are necessary to prepare meals of any kind. Not only the meals but it is also considered a vital space for storage and seating. Moreover, it is also a place for communication where family and guests gather to have meals and talk about various things while having those meals.

So the kitchen is like a thread that holds everyone together. Without a proper kitchen, there will be a disconnection in the house and without a kitchen, the house will feel like a body without a heart. So it is very important to keep your kitchen in perfect shape which suits you.

Even if the kitchen didn’t come out as you had thought in the first place, worry not. You can always do kitchen refurbishment or kitchen remodeling to shape the kitchen according to your taste. Our kitchen renovation services specialize in modelling the kitchens of your dreams. Moreover, if you already have that and only want to install or fit a new appliance, then you have come to the right place. Estate renovation is experienced in kitchen installation and our kitchen fitters team is matchless.

What services do we offer?

 Estate renovation proudly provides all the kitchen renovation services you can think of. Want a whole kitchen rebuild? No problem. Want only fitting? You have come to the masters. Following are the kitchen renovation services we offer.

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  • Kitchen renovation

In simple words, kitchen renovation services mean a kitchen remains a kitchen but with several repairs and updates where needed. It can include painting the kitchen, installing new flooring, replacing the cabinets, installing new cabinets, switching the cabinet knobs, switching the faucets, or structural rebuilding. You might be wondering what the kitchen renovation costs ? Well, kitchen renovation costs majorly depend on the kind of renovation you have opted. Confused about the types? We got you.

Following are some of the types we offer:

  • Traditional kitchen renovation

This kind of kitchen usually includes simple worktops made up of granite and laminate, floors made of hardwood, painted cabinets, and front doors with or without glass. The best kind of traditional kitchen keeps the classic feel while still offering family and guests to have their quality time

Kitchen Renovation Services
  • Modern kitchen renovation

The modern kitchen has a kitchen design that offers open spaces, palettes of simple colours, clutter-free spaces, and minimalist features. Overall, a place to entertain and relax after the humdrum of the entire day.

In short, it encompasses everything that is streamlined and sleek.

  • Contemporary kitchen renovation

This renovation has kitchen designs that offer a 21st-century life at the forefront. As we know that contemporary literally means ‘to occur at the same time’, so contemporary kitchen renovation services involve seamless kitchen design and integrated appliances. So there are no cracks where the food can fall and no spaces where things can get dumped. In short, it is more feasible to clean and manage. It is the most convenient kitchen renovation in the busy life these days when there is not a moment to spare.

  • Small kitchen renovation

This is the kind of renovation, in which the kitchen builders take the least amount of time. If you have a small kitchen and want kitchen renovation services, consider it done. A tiny kitchen is the hardest to manage and there are countless improvements that can be done in the small kitchen. Kitchen renovation consultants suggest some unique ideas to make the best out of the small space. For example, installing a counter bar instead of a table. A counter can add to three seats and consumes less space than a table. 

  • Cottage kitchen renovation

This kind of kitchen renovation service involves a combination of farmhouse and craftsman elements with country sensibilities. This kitchen design involves squared lines having only a bit of trim and texture. 

  • Rustic kitchen renovation

In this kind of kitchen, the kitchen builders go for a simple natural, and authentic style. It depends on the materials which emphasize a country feel.

So, in conclusion, the cost of kitchen renovation costs depends on the kind of kitchen installation services and renovation you are going for.

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!