One of our first job since the opening of the company. An agency approached to us to get the job done ASAP before the new tenants come in the house. We accepted the job and completed within a day. The result is a perfectly plastered and painted wall done by our team.

Carpet Installation

One of our carpet installation job in London where our team responded very well to the job requirements and has done an excellent job.

Extension Work

One of our biggest work where our task was to create an extension. Our team has completed the job successfully and has done a very good job.

Window Painting

For this property, our task was to complete external painting (window painting). Our team performed well in this task and has completed the job successfully.

Bathroom Refurbishment

We have managed to complete a refurbishment task of the bathroom of a house. From bathtub to comet to basin, everything was replaced with new materials. All tasks were done with pure perfection which left the customer satisfied with our service.

Bathroom Renovation

We have completed a renovation task of the bathroom of a house where we have painted the bathroom and done tiling.

Kitchen Refurbishment

We have completed kitchen refurbishment successfully. Most of the stuff of the kitchen was replaced with new equipments to make the kitchen look new.

Underfloor Heating

One of our jobs where our task was to install underfloor heating. Our team responded well and completed the job successfully.

Roof & Gutter Repairing

Another job completed succesfully by our team where the task was to repair the roof of a house

Loft Conversion

Our task was to convert the loft of a house into basic looking architecture. The result - a perfect looking basic looking loft done well by our team.

Painting and Decorating

One of our painting and refurbishment job where this time, our task was to paint all the walls of an house. The colour was chosen by the tenant and our team has done their job by painting the walls. The job was completed according to tenant's specification and on time which made them satisfied with our level of service.

Roof Repairing

A minor task where repaired some issues/defects in the roof of a house. As usual, our team has completed the task with perfection.


Another plastering and painting job of the outside wall of a house completed succesfully by our team.

Light Fixing

A very minor task where we were asked to fix the lights of a house before the arrival of the new tenants. The deadline was really tight as we got 2 days only considering the fact that there were few more maintenance/refurbishment to do in the house. Our team has responded well and finished all the work (including fixing lights) within the deadline.


Skimming task of a house. No matter how small the task is, our team does the job well with perfection.

Wall Repairing

This task involved making a brick wall.

Laminating Floor

This project involved laminating the floors of an entire house.

Tiling on kitchen walls

Our task was to do the tiling of the kitchen walls.

Curtain stand fixing

Our task was to replace old curtain stands with new ones.